Our Charter
    China BIM Union

        Chapter I General Provisions
        Article 1 In response to the needs for BIM development in China, the institutions/companies concerned decide to co-sponsor the establishment of China BIM Union (non-registered) on the basis of the principle of equality and voluntariness, and the Charter is herein formulated.
        Article 2 China BIM Union (hereinafter referred to as the Union) is an organization established to promote the coordinated development of China's BIM technology, standards and software, to realize the standardization and industrialization of technological achievements and to improve the core competitiveness of industries.  
        Article 3 The missions of the Union include, but not limited to:
        (A) Raising funds for the national development of BIM technology and standards;
        (B) Promoting the technical exchanges among BIM software development companies;
        (C) Providing a supporting platform for BIM applications in China;
        (D) Offering the technical services for advancing the national BIM developments and applications.
        Chapter II  Tasks
        Article 4 To reach consensus in defining the development directions and the phase objectives.
        Article 5 To reach consensus in determining the specific tasks, followed by organized implementation, with respect to technologies, standards, and software development.
        Chapter III  Organization
        Article 6 The Union shall have the Board consisting of one Chairman and a number of Directors. Eachinstitution/company joining the Union (Union Board Member Organization) shall designate one individual as the Board Director, while the institution/company of the Chairman of the Board can designate three individuals as the Board Directors, among whom one Member acts as the Chairman of the Board. Each term of the Board Director shall be three years.
        Article 7 Each Union Board Member Organization should have demonstrated progress in BIM research, development or application, and shall contribute a one-off fixed amount of funding to the Union.
        Article 8 The Board of the Union shall be the highest authority of the Union. The vital issues such as the allocation of funds and activity assignment should be decided by affirmative votes of more than one half of the Board Directors.
        Article 9 The Union shall appoint Honorary Directors. They shall be able to make voluntary and uncompensated contributions to achieve satisfactory completion of the research projects related to BIM technology and standards designated by the Board.
        Article 10 The Board of the Union shall appoint one Technical Director, in charge of the overall planning and specific coordination relating to the development of technologies, standards and software in the context of the Union.
        Article 11 The Board shall establish the Secretary Office, responsible for the daily routines and progress management. The Secretary Office is set up at Standard & Code Division of China Academy of Building Research.
        Article 12 The Union Board shall appoint the Secretary-General, responsible for the specific coordination associated with meetings and resolutions of the Board.
        Article 13 Any institution/company with the desire to apply to the Union and become a Board Member Organization should file an application to the Secretary Office, and shall be rectified by affirmative votes of more than two-thirds of the Board Directors.
        Article 14 Union Board Member Organizations may voluntarily withdraw from the Union, but the financial contributions shall not be refundable.
       Chapter IV  Rights and Obligations
        Article 15 Union Board Member Organizations have the rights of priorities in receiving R&D projects and reserve the privilege of receiving one set of updated BIM software free of charge (one suite, service fees excluded).
        Article 16 When the Union applies to be involved in other organizations and research projects, the Union Board Member Organizations shall have the priority of being invited to the involvement wherever applicable.
        Article 17 Any expenses incurred by the Board of Directors in meetings and technical missions shall be borne by their respective Board Member Organizations.
        Article 18 Union Board Member Organizations should proactively support the resolutions of the Board.
        Chapter V  Funds
        Article 19 The funds of the Union primarily source from:
        (A) Contributions by Board Member Organizations;
        (B) Sponsorship of institutions/companies outside the Union;
        (C) Income from the consulting, training and other services provided by the Union.
        Article 20 The Union funds shall be entirely used for BIM technology and standards development.
        Article 21 The management and allocation of the Union funds should strictly abide by the relevant national financial regulations and disciplines and be subject to the supervision by the Board.
        Chapter VI  Supplementary Provisions
        Article 22 The Board shall establish the procedures and management mechanism pertinent to project management, benefit distribution, intellectual property management, and the Union dissolution and liquidation if applicable.
        Article 23 The Charter amendments, if any, should be approved by affirmative votes of more than two-thirds of the Board Directors.
        Article 24 This Charter shall be interpreted by the Secretary Office of the Board.
        Article 25 This Charter was discussed and approved by the first plenary meeting of the Council of China BIM Union on March 28, 2012 in Beijing with immediate effect.
        Annex 1: The Member Organization list of the first Board of China BIM Union:

        1. China Academy of Building Research
        2. Shanghai Research Institute of Building Sciences
        3. No.1 Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. affiliated to China Construction Third Engineering Bureau Co., Ltd.
        4. Zhejiang Construction Engineering Group Co., Ltd.
        5. China Railway No. 4 Engineering Group Co., Ltd.
        6. Beijing Lizheng Software Design Research Institute
        7. Guangdong Toone Technology Co., Ltd.
        8. Autodesk (China)
        Annex 2: Signatures by the first Board of Directors of China BIM Union
2013 China Academy of Building Research. Registered charity number:110102001239